Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A plea for a way out

In order not to be disappointed, people say just keep your expectations low. What if your expectations of others is low enough but other people's expectations are unreasonably high? Expect this, expect that. Never wanting to hear or even make an attempt to understand your situation as they feel that what they think things should be is the only way there is. The only way. No room for leeway. Such an exasperating situation. I am sad beyond tears. It just weighs in the heart.

Allah..only You can make them understand.
Please Allah, make them understand that I am trying very hard and there is no malice inside my heart. My focus sometimes blind me from their needs but they remind me of it in the most hurtful way.
Allah, make me understand them too..I really am mostly baffled by their actions and their judgment.
Allah..why do you make them so blind toward others?
Sometimes this is too much. Allah..please make for me a way out. It is a stifling situation.
Allah..please help me to act and respond in the best way possible. Grant me wisdom and grace because maybe my edges are too sharp, my words indecipherable, and my disposition disturbing for them?
Allah..show me the best way to correct my ways. I am truly at loss..

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